Website Administration Services

We offer comprehensive webmaster services and website administration that puts website designers, website programmers, website SEO and marketers, and IT professionals at your service without the cost of hiring a full-time website and IT staff. Our services will give your company the edge that it needs to stand out from the crowd and keep you on top of the heap.

With our website administration and management services we can help you manage all aspects of running a website to the degree in which you are most comfortable and offer any or all of the following services for you. Plus, you can have the added assurance of knowing the work was done with a professional eye for detail. Website Maintenance Updates

We offer monthly service plans or you can choose an hourly billing option. Our purpose here is to make sure your site is always up, ready, and fully able to speak for itself.

Website Design & Development

Our process, which has been thoroughly developed and streamlined over the years, focuses on gathering as much of your company’s information through our pre-development survey before the design is started. By adhering to this practice we’re able to develop a design concept that will meet both your expectations and your marketing goals.

We offer the following services, customized to fit your company’s needs and budget:


  • Custom web site design
  • Custom interface design
  • Customized template designs

Website Hosting

Website Hosting has affiliated with HostGator to offer incredible hosting products and services.

Website Hosting

  • Domain Names
  • Email Services
  • One-click installs
WordPress is both free and priceless at the same time.

WordPress Specialists

Our staff has worked with small businesses, large organizations and digital development agencies for years providing performance driven WordPress solutions. Our professional approach means that our code is written in the most optimal way to ensure lightning fast page loading times. We can and have developed our own custom WordPress themes creating, great looking & functional WordPress sites. WordPress Specialists

A WordPress For Almost Every Need





Real Estate

Real Estate







WordPress is web software you can use to create a beautiful website, blog, or application.

If you’ve considered building a website, whether for fun or for your business, then you’ve likely heard a lot of buzz surrounding the WordPress software. You know people say great things about it, but you’re still left to wonder if WordPress is right for you.

While the software is popular amongst bloggers, there’s so much more you can do with it. Want more than just a blogging platform? Consider a self-hosted WordPress option, and you’ll be on your way toward building your dream site.

Hello, do you need website? Can Assist at Any Stage of Development

Your website needs to reflect your business objectives and priority needs
– every page and feature must justify its existence and cost.

A good website is never finished. Our WordPress specialists build for iteration and put value on maintaining flexibility and agility; leveraging the power of the WordPress ecosystem for your benefit.

WordPress Project

We can build from provided artwork or use our creative agency partner to build stunning & functional WordPress sites. We follow the highest WordPress development standards to product performance, professional sites on time & within budget.

  • All sites are translatable & built for fast loading times.
  • We follow WordPress’s development guidelines.
  • We build bespoke designs & functionality to meet requirements.
  • Support is covered with our WordCare plan.
  • Our code is quality assured and we give you a 30 day warranty.

WordPress Support

Our professional staff can keep your website constantly improving, safe and secure. Guaranteed support & maintenance time each month that helps improve your website, keep it safe and secure. Managed updates ensure your site stays updated and free from vulnerabilities, or updates that ultimately break a website.

  • Live chat with our WordPress support team during business hours.
  • Plans starting at 2 hours of support & maintenance per month.
  • Managed plugin & WordPress core updates.
  • Track our time spent on your site with transparent reports via your own login.
  • Advice on best practice & marketing tips for your WooCommerce site.

WordPress Audit

Have you already got a WordPress site but not sure if it’s performing or been built professionally? Our site audit goes into the technical depth and breadth of your site to determine if it’s working as well as it should. Let us take a thorough look at your site:

  • We check if your theme is built to WordPress’s own coding standards.
  • We check the security of plugins & core WordPress.
  • We analyse page loading times and database efficiency.
  • We detail our recommended solutions to get your site working.
  • We provide an easy-to-read report detailing our findings.

Our mission is to provide our customers high quality products, and attentive customer service.